Hello friends!

My name is Victor and I am the creator of this website.

I love real estate and I am a successful property investor myself. I am also a data scientist. I love data visualisation and learning the latest technologies.

My career was always around data science, data mining, data visualisation, business intelligence, etc. I worked for top employers in Australia including PWC, Woolworths, NSW Goverment, News Corp, EBOS Group, and others.

Spending over 15 years in corporate environment I realised that I am not likely to achieve financial freedom working my way up the career ladder. This is why I decided to invest in the real estate market.

NSW Government publishes some great and very detailed data which I found useful in my property investment research. I started to collect, clean, enrich and summarise this data. Then, I visualised it using maps and converted into the online app which I called Heatmaps. I focus on ensuring fast performance, comprehensive data insights, data transparency and comfortable user experience.

I created this website in my spare time while in COVID lockdown somewhere around April 2021. I was staying home and watching Netflix and drinking wine. Which quickly made me realise I could be using my time better.

Since then, as I am tracking visitors number, our community seems to organically grow to many hundreds of visitors every day. I receive plenty of requests of all sorts. Some of you are asking for data, some are asking for advice, some just share their excitement and gratitude.

If you would like to discuss you ideas with me - please contact me via email: [email protected]

I wish you only the best,

P.S. those amazing photos were done by my beloved partner Julia Molodeva